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Winter 2022
Jul 02, 2022
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Design of Experiments. - 6526 - MATH 558 - 001
Introduction to concepts in statistically designed experiments. Randomization and replication. Completely randomized designs. Simple linear model and analysis of variance. Introduction to blocking. Orthogonal block designs. Models and analysis for block designs. Factorial designs and their analysis. Row-column designs. Latin squares. Model and analysis for fixed row and column effects. Split-plot designs, model and analysis. Relations and operations on factors. Orthogonal factors. Orthogonal decomposition. Orthogonal plot structures. Hasse diagrams. Applications to real data and ethical issues.

Prerequisites: MATH 223, MATH 236, MATH 247, MATH 251, or equivalent. MATH 208 or equivalent. MATH 324, MATH 357, or equivalent.

Associated Term: Winter 2022
Registration Dates: Jun 01, 2021 to Jan 18, 2022

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4.000 Credits
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8:35 am - 9:25 am MWF Burnside Hall 1104 Jan 05, 2022 - Apr 12, 2022 Lecture Alia Sajjad

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