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Winter 2022
Jul 02, 2022
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Generalized Linear Models. - 3423 - MATH 523 - 001
Exponential families, link functions. Inference and parameter estimation for generalized linear models; model selection using analysis of deviance. Residuals. Contingency table analysis, logistic regression, multinomial regression, Poisson regression, log-linear models. Multinomial models. Overdispersion and Quasilikelihood. Applications to experimental and observational data.

Prerequisite: MATH 423 or MATH 533 or EPIB 697.

Associated Term: Winter 2022
Registration Dates: Jun 01, 2021 to Jan 18, 2022
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4.000 Credits
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2:35 pm - 3:55 pm TR Stewart Biology Building N2/2 Jan 05, 2022 - Apr 12, 2022 Lecture Johanna Neslehova

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